Statement regarding UCPD occupation

The Safer Campus and Community Coalition supports the freedom of expression of the protestors who are peacefully demonstrating on campus in opposition to the University of Chicago Police Department. We believe that many of these demonstrators are responding to the same lack of accountability that has led us to call for a rewriting of the legislation that gives campus police forces, like those at the University of Chicago, their police powers. 

Our own coalition includes people with a wide range of views; we recognize the value in finding compromise between the range of positions from police abolition to unrestricted freedom for the UCPD. It is our hope that the UChicago administration will recognize the urgent need for reform of the UCPD that these demonstrations underline and become a partner in managing change in our community so that it is truly a safer place for all of our neighbors to live in. To join us in our efforts to create a more accountable system of campus policing, please visit and sign up.

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